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6 months into 2007 and WOW!
I always seem to surprise myself with how my life is so connected to timelines yet I end up looking at my calendar on days like today and am like WOW! It's June already. haha. Anyway, we have decided to soft launch - a place to share party pictures and do a stronger marketing push for it as features are completed and people in our demographic begin to party harder. :)

My blog has been put on the back burner as we work with some higher profile clients (and just overall bigger projects -- on a more national level) and overall resume an increasingly busier and busier schedule.

We have another project/service releasing within a few weeks which I will reveal when the time comes. Not to mention we have developed a nice system for Radio and TV stations to help market themselves online to create a more loyal and driven audience and that will also release before summer's end.

I apologize for my scatteredness with this entry, but I often feel bad I am not more active blogging, please relieve yourself with knowing the CVM staff and I am still working 15-20hr days to make the web a better place. ;)