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Still Alive and Kickin!
You may have thought we fell off the face of the planet, but we have actually been working extremely hard to turn out, - Covering all forms of nightlife and partying including Omaha Nightlife. Make sure you fill out the form to get on the mailing list to get notified when we finally release it!

Not only that but I finally freeing up sometime to blog. This means that - Blogging of a Midwest Entrepreneur will be opening it's doors and going live. :) I have a lot to say and plan to use that as a form to really get out my thoughts and feelings of the industries that I am involved in. I will have the RSS feed up in a few days for you to subscribe to that to get notified when I update the site and such.

Other than that we've been working hard on client work and doing a lot with PPC. I may go into more detail as time progresses. Thanks for your support of ClearVision Media, Inc. More to come, Stay Tuned!