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Happy Holidays from ClearVision Media, Inc.
Happy Holidays! I am about ready to pack my office up for the Holidays and just wanted to make a quick post about the Holidays and the New Year.

ClearVision Media has made HUGE strides this year and has grown beyond what I imagined it would. I attribute this growth to our persistence in Superior Web Development and unparalleled Search Engine Optimization. I don't want to forget the amazing support that we have received from people all over the region. Without the endurance and support that we've received I do not believe we would be where we are at. As a token to this achievement ClearVision Media will take a brief hiatus (1 week to be exact -- next week) to celebrate the Holidays. Support will be open (like always), but the rest of us will be doing our best to enjoy a nice break with our respective families. We hope everyone reading this does the same.

What can you expect from ClearVision Media, Inc. next year?
Here is a quick list of stuff that we are working on for 2007:
  • Continued SE Industry Community Participation - This year we made several trips to be with our fellow Search Engine Optimizers. This will continue in 2007 with trips planned to SES, SMX, Pubcon, and others.
  • Continued Effort to Educate Business Owners about SEO - We met with several business owners this year to explain why SEO is important to them and plan on doing even more in 2007.
  • Continued Company Growth - We are already currently in the process to hire a few employees and with growth continuing like it has we will undoubtedly be looking for more thoroughout 2007.
  • TrueParty - We have been in production with this site/project for many months and it will see release in Q1 of the new year.
  • Griffin Granberg's Personal/Professional Blog - I have decided that there is many things that I would like to say, but feel it would be better to do so in a different arena than this CVM Corporate Blog. This should be up by Mid-January.
  • And so much more...
So with that being said, I hope everyone enjoys their Holiday Season. :) //g