For those that don't know TODAY is what we e-tailers like to call CYBER MONDAY. This is the day that all of the retailers that sell online are trying to hype up big time to get the same type of effect of "Black Friday." To most shopaholics they are willing to punch, push, and generally give up any courteous manners in hopes that they may score for themselves a 42" plasma for only $999.99 at Best Buy. I must admit after doing the Black Friday thing this year which included hanging out at Target at 6a, sitting at my computer desk and browsing and buying from online stores just sounds more peaceful. :)

With that being said, BIGresearch survey found that 61million people plan to execute at least some of their gift buying the same way I do, by doing it online. This would mean a ~17% increase from last year in people buying their gifts online. I think I read a statistic that said that since 1999 gift buying is up over 800% online. Not too bad for the online shops eh?

How many people shop on Cyber Monday? Well, one polling place says that 60.7million people plan to shop from home or work today. Which is a significant jump in conversions for websites starting today, hopefully you refined everything on your site so you can get in on all the online buying action!

Before I go, I will leave you with another stat: 80%+ of e-tailers are going to do some sort of free shipping promotion. So on this Cyber Monday, Good Luck at finding those deals online and please enjoy your online shopping experience. :)