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Off to Sioux Fall, SD
Seal of Sioux Falls It's time to pack the bags and go meet with a few clients today which includes a trip to Sioux Falls, SD. I grew up in and around the Sioux Falls, SD area and I truly love the area. ClearVision Media, Inc. has several clients up there that I try to meet with as often as my time allows.

I am also attending the Techknowlogy Summit. This is the first year for this event and had CVM and myself heard about it before we did we would have taken out some sort of sponsorships, but after discussion with the powers that be at CVM, we decided against it, this year. I am told there are 500 registrants for the conference which has gotten me all excited. I'm sure the few breakout sessions I'll be attending will be full as it seems South Dakota is finally taking some interest in Online Marketing, which is what ClearVision Media, Inc. specializes in. I'm interested in what the people will say about online marketing (SEO and SEM). I will be posting my comments on the online marketing breakout sessions here. So, look out for those.

That's it for now, to all my clients I will be visiting today, look forward to it. :) To all the attendants I'll get to chat with at the Techknowlogy Summit, see you tomorrow, and to Omaha, NE see ya on Friday. :)