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I will be attending Techknowlogy Summit
Techknowlogy Summit As of right now I am scheduled to attend the Techknowlogy Summit in Sioux Falls, SD. As far as I know this is the first convention for this specific one. I remember several years ago they tried another convention very similar to this called, E-Tech, don't quote me on that for sure (it's been awhile).

At first glance of the breakout sessions they look fairly diverse. Luckily there is two that intrigue me. With that being said, below are the breakout sessions I will be attending:
  • Track 1: Making Internet Marketing Work For You!
  • Track 2: Web 2.0 Trends and Opportunities
  • Track 3: None in this track really interest me much but I will either attend, VoIP Case Studies and ROI or Database Management in the Enterprise
If you would like to meet up with me feel free to drop me a line under the Business Development department. :)

Look forward to it! and see you there!