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Time for the Blackberry Upgrade!
I decided that ClearVision Media, Inc. could use an upgrade and this time it was the phones. I decided to replace the old Blackberry 7250 with the Blackberry 8703e. Here are a few pictures the first being a comparison between the two and the second just a picture of the 8703e.

Comparing the Blackberry 7250 and 8703e

Blackberry 8703e

My review of the Blackberry 8703e would be that it seems like a solid pda/smartphone from Verizon Wireless. Some of the upgraded features it offers are,
  • Verizon Wireless EVDO Support
  • Speakerphone
  • Tethered modem support
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Dial and Hang up Buttons
Those are the main differences and all are good enough reasons to upgrade alone, but all together I couldn't help myself. :) The only downfall with this phone would be placing the little hole for the mic on the bottom left of the phone instead of the center like the 7250. I like to hold my phone between my head and left shoulder so sometimes it muffles up that little whole and have gotten a few complaints about that so far. I guess it's time for a nice new bluetooth headset :D All I need is a manufacturer to make one that isn't so gaudy or doesn't make me look like a borg from Star Trek.

Overall the Blackberry 8703e has been a great upgrade and I will easily recommend it. :)