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Time for some News and Changes!
I decided to move the feed off of my corporation's site. This decision was made after they made the bad decision to upgrade their site to something that is less-functional and frankly, HORRIBLE. I got sick of trying to tell Roxanne Weber (who seems very nice) that the RSS feeds were MESSED up. She took a look and did update it and it (sort of) worked, but it only showed one or two stories and sometimes not even the correct category of story. So, I killed my affiliation with them and moved over to Search Engine Watch. Which really is more relevant to what CVM does -- Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. I guess I was just trying to hold on to my "roots."

Moving on to one of my FAVORITE topics, GOOGLE. According to this article, Google now is responsible for 25% of ALL web advertising -- or will be by years end. That is nuts to think about how big Google has really become, anyone remember Excite or Lycos? no? I guess those were the OLD days. I'd like to mention that Google vs. Yahoo last year were very close to the same numbers as far as revenue brought in by their ad-units, but this year Google is just screaming ahead of them. Very Interesting...

Another quick note, Google is now going to be adding CPA or Cost Per Action model of affiliate marketing. This is to run parallel with Adsense. Other CPA affiliate networks include, AzoogleAds -- which is awesome -- believe me. :)

We (ClearVision Media, Inc.) continue to grow with our own projects and have several announcements to make and "press releases" to come -- by the end of November so keep checking back with us. :) Of course you can contact us if you are interested in what we may be able to do for your business online.

Until next time!