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Google acquires YouTube for 1.65bil!
That's right folks! The rumors have been swirling like crazy the last few days and today Google has confirmed it with an OFFICIAL press release, Google to Acquire YouTube for 1.65 Billion in Stock. The minute this rumor started earlier this week I knew in my gut it was going to happen. Google already does what YouTube does,
  • 1) Serve up Videos, and
  • 2) Serve up Ads (thru Adsense)

Google is widely known for it's infrastructure and bandwidth allocation (which doesn't even come close to being used up each month). Which are two things YouTube was going to have to hammer out eventually. Now they wouldn't have to because they will be swallowed by Google. :)

Before I finish, do you realize how big YouTube is? SMALL for such a "big brand" they employ a whole 25 employees. So, to end this post CONGRATULATIONS CHAD HURLEY(29) AND STEVEN CHEN(27) or the YouTube co-founders! May you be able to exercise your stock options more sooner than later!