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No More Adwords API for You, Well, for free at least.
While perusing SE Roundtable as I often do, since Barry seems to have a good pulse on what the industry is up to, I read that Google is nolonger going to allow it's users/customers to use their Google Adwords API for free. Starting October 1st they will start charging a quarter for every 1000 calls to their API.

At first you don't think it's so bad because a quarter doesn't sound like a lot of money until you realize you are doing some 30million calls to the API and that now you are going to be charged $7,500 per month for them. That will probably open your eyes a bit, lol. I know it did mine.

At ClearVision Media, we just use the Google Adwords UI to manage accounts (ya we're so last week+) but the fact is we just don't have time to develop our own interface, although I would love to. With that being said we actually did look at the possibility of doing this for different tools that we use, and thought adding the Adwords API functionality with those tools would be good/cool/etc, but now that they are charging... ummmm... I guess we'll table that project to, well.. we'll see. :)

So to all our friends that will take this change/charge in stride, we at CVM salute you. :)

That is all. //g