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A Whole Lot of Changes for ClearVision Media
Hey now! I haven't written on this blog for quite sometime. So I wanted to make a quick little entry about all the changes going on with ClearVision Media.

First, We relocated the whole business to Fort Collins, Colorado. This means no more flat land. We made the move to be closer to a real big city that has a great tech sector (Boulder, CO). We have met up with and seen a lot of presentations from Web 2.0 companies and it's just crazy how much talent there is technology-wise here in Colorado. Definitely happy to have made the move.

Second, We have moved into funding small online start-ups. We have done a lot of developing for clients and decided to expand into creating our own websites and services. Stay tuned for more information about that!

Third, We changed our corporate name!! That's right we are nolonger known to the IRS as ClearVision Media, Inc. Instead, we have changed to, Mountastic Ventures Incorporated. We really felt that fit our bill better than just being a development and marketing company. Especially since we have begun investments into our own ventures and our friend's ventures.

We will still do development and marketing business as ClearVision Media a division of Mountastic Ventures Incorporated. The main difference for ClearVision Media clients is that charges now appear as MOUNTASTIC VENTURES - FORT COLLINS instead of CLEARVISION MEDIA - OMAHA.

Be on the look out for the new Mountastic Ventures Incorporated website. That should be launching by the end of the month.

We also have a big online venture launching called Colorado Food Guide.com which has the mission to be the most up-to-date and comprehensive colorado restaurant guide. We are planning our free schwag for ColoradoFoodGuide.com right now. So make sure you stay tuned for that - that is if you want free stuff. :)

To end this post, I just want to say if you are out here in Northern Colorado or are visiting and would like to meet with the Mountastic Ventures staff or want to buy us a Fat Tire - feel free to hit us up. :)

6 months into 2007 and WOW!
I always seem to surprise myself with how my life is so connected to timelines yet I end up looking at my calendar on days like today and am like WOW! It's June already. haha. Anyway, we have decided to soft launch TrueParty.com - a place to share party pictures and do a stronger marketing push for it as features are completed and people in our demographic begin to party harder. :)

My blog has been put on the back burner as we work with some higher profile clients (and just overall bigger projects -- on a more national level) and overall resume an increasingly busier and busier schedule.

We have another project/service releasing within a few weeks which I will reveal when the time comes. Not to mention we have developed a nice system for Radio and TV stations to help market themselves online to create a more loyal and driven audience and that will also release before summer's end.

I apologize for my scatteredness with this entry, but I often feel bad I am not more active blogging, please relieve yourself with knowing the CVM staff and I am still working 15-20hr days to make the web a better place. ;)

Still Alive and Kickin!
You may have thought we fell off the face of the planet, but we have actually been working extremely hard to turn out, TrueParty.com - Covering all forms of nightlife and partying including Omaha Nightlife. Make sure you fill out the form to get on the mailing list to get notified when we finally release it!

Not only that but I finally freeing up sometime to blog. This means that GriffinGranberg.com - Blogging of a Midwest Entrepreneur will be opening it's doors and going live. :) I have a lot to say and plan to use that as a form to really get out my thoughts and feelings of the industries that I am involved in. I will have the RSS feed up in a few days for you to subscribe to that to get notified when I update the site and such.

Other than that we've been working hard on client work and doing a lot with PPC. I may go into more detail as time progresses. Thanks for your support of ClearVision Media, Inc. More to come, Stay Tuned!
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